Thursday, June 5, 2008

Student Council Week!

Today was the first of what will become weekly meetings with the newly (democratically) elected PNGC Student Council. We would like to introduce you to our girls!
From left to right: Salome Langa, Rosina Seleka, Christina Kgang, Caroline Lefawane

As a PNGC Student Council representative, the girls have agreed to abide by certain guidelines. The leaders hold high expectations for these girls to be kind, courteous, helpful, encouraging and all around good people. This is expected not only at club but also at school and at home. One of the goals of Palala Clubs is to propel these girls into a life of sharing their knowledge, skills and love with others. Their example will be seen and modeled by those who meet them and hopefully spread.
Specific to PNGC, the student council elect will meet each Thursday to assist leaders in assembling craft packets for the coming week. They will also arrive early on Mondays to help set up tables, distribute packets and make announcements. The girls will delegate responsibility among the other PNGC members and provide direct assistance to the leaders. It sounds like a great deal of work and it is, but there are also rewards for their efforts. Student council members have privileges others do not, such as selling extra materials for club to raise funds, coming to visit us to help prepare for club at our home and enjoying a few extra goodies from Thato's (my Setswana name) kitchen.

We are proud to show of the faces of PNGC! Check out other Palala Clubs Student Councils here.

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