Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PNGC Week 12: Money Mangement

This week the girls discussed the topic of Money Management. For a large number of families in Seleka, money is not readily available. Many people rely a pension check and perhaps one salary to support their immediate and extended family. Being able to manage that money is essential to being able to make ends meet each month. Yet, young girls being who they are, and under a constant barrage of popular culture showing off the latest and greatest trends in fashion, technology and lifestyle, the ability to manage money effectively can be extremely difficult. The lesson for the day focused on the two main characters of all the PNGC lessons, Khutso and Mpho, and their trip into town to purchase food and supplies for the family. One girl spends her money wisely and the other unwisely. When they girls get home, it is clear what the correct way is to manage money. It is very likely this scenario has happened to a number of girls and it seemed to hit home for them. As we move forward with our craft making we want to begin encouraging the girls to think about ways they could use their new skills to earn money for club and for themselves. When that time comes it will be important for them to know the how to use their money wisely for themselves while still allowing for a special purchase once in a while. With few people in the village having their own bank account, cash is the only money people have and makes it all the more important to learn money management skills.To go along with the lesson for the day, the girls were able to sew their own personal coin purse. Having been on the sewing machine before, it was now much easier for the girls to zip through their sewing. Even with 54 girls in club and only four sewing machines we were able to sew up almost every coin purse in one day! They were immediately filled with some spare change, a pencil or pen, lipstick, chapstick, and other assorted items the girls had on hand. Hopefully each time the girls pull it out to buy something for themselves, they will think of the lesson for the day and remember what it takes to make good decisions with their money!While other girls were on the sewing machines, the remaining girls spent the day putting finishing touches on past projects like their beaded AIDS ribbon pins, or starting in on a beaded wire bracelet project. With all of the different activities taking place it was quite a busy day at club. Girls and leaders were buzzing back and forth amid the din of conversations and the hum of the sewing machines. It was a perfect scene of club, active and productive up to the last minute. The girls went home for the day sporting a number of new items and hopefully a few more bits of wisdom from their leaders.

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